An object in 3 different contexts

Dit was een opdracht van een cursus archeologie om te laten zien wat context kan betekenen voor een object. Eerst een beschrijving en dan hetzelfde object in drie verschillende situaties. Daarbij dan de reactie op die situatie.

1) The artefact I choose is a saucer .

2) This object is round in one dimension and almost flat in the second dimension, with a diameter approximately the size of my hand. It’s not very thick

It is white and shiny with a smooth surface. At one side there is a sort of ring that runs halfway between the midpoint and the circumference.

This ring is of the same material as the rest but raised above the surface.

The part inside the ring is flat, the part outside the ring has a small angle to the middle part in such a way that it is moving away from the side the ring is on.

When it is put on a table with the ring on the downside the height doesn’t go beyond the height of my fingers putted flat on that same table.

The material seems to be stone or baked clay.

Most of the times it is used under a cup to prevent spillover or drops on something else than the saucer. But you can also use it as a plate.

3) Now I will change into a Cro-Magnon hunter.

4a) The thing is just laying on the ground and I find it on my way home already carrying a wild boar that I captured.

5a) Never seen anything like that. Does it bite? I pick up a branch and push it at that white thing. It doesn’t do anything, I push harder and it moves, but only because I push it. So it must be dead. I reach out with my hand and it feels cold. Now I lift it and it comes off the ground.
It doesn’t smell like anything I know, even more it doesn’t smell at all. I can feel that it has a hard surface and it is smooth. It’s round and also quite flat, but with a small curve. It is a little thicker in the middle and there is a round ridge at one side. Knocking on it gives a nice sound.
Ticking on the side gives another sound. It sounds like song, song, songsong. The tone is much higher than the tones we produce ticking skulls. It’s a nice attribute to our ticking sessions.

4b) The thing is floating on the water.

5b) It just floated in front of me while I was catching fish for dinner. It’s white and has a shiny surface. I can’t reach it, it’s just too far away. If I jump into the water I will chase the fish from here. It is also round and I can only see the upper part. There’s nothing in it or upon it. I’ve never seen anything like this. It must be lighter than water because it floats. Is it a sign of the gods to show me a better fishing spot? It does not swim like a fish, it’s just floating. I will go downstream to see if it’s a sign.
An hour later. Yes this is a good spot, so it was a sign. And what’s more, there it is again. I’m so curious what it is that I took a branch from a tree and tried to pull it to the shore. And then it dived, I never saw it again. It must have been a message of the gods.

4c) The thing is hanging from someones ear.

5c) Until lately we were among us in this spot. But there are now others who behave strange and look awful. They are much bigger than we are and they all have long pointed sticks, like the ones we use to hunt big animals. But these sticks are also much bigger. Hiding in a bush I saw several of them passing by. They bear different clothes than we do. But one of them, probably the chief wore a big white round thing in his ear. Not really in his ear but hanging underneath with part of his ear surrounding it. It reflected the sun, so it must have a smooth surface.
It can’t be very heavy because the chief walked easily with that thing in his ear. Every time he touched it with his hand, the whole bunch stopped and looked around. After he touched it again they continued walking. I was so close that I could see that the thing is not flat but a bit curved. There is no way I can get closer to see what it is. But it must be powerful, only the chief has one.

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