South African cooking pot

Option #2

The model shows south african cooking pot. It’s about 14 cm high, and about 14 cm in diameter.
It’s made of cast iron. The pot has three legs, so it’s always stable. There are four decorative rings on the outside and is has a cover.
Small enough to be portable. It has an iron handle that runs through an ear on either side.

I will give some screenshots, but also a link to the 3D version. The 3D version only works if you have “open CL” or “webGL” on your computer. Apple users can open the Web GL in developer.

First the screenshots from my first effort with 19 photo’s.
19 photo’s version


Then the screenshots from my second effort with 50 photo’s.
50 photo’s version

Was it hard?
Yes it was hard. The web version of 123D Catch was easily found. Then I started making photo’s without reading the requirements first, as most of us would do, I think. Uploading failed twice. Then I tried Blender, too much possibilities, back to 123.
After reading the requirements the photo’s probably showed a surface that was too shiny. New photo’s, first 19, but that left some empty spaces as you can see. Next 50 photo’s, that was better although not perfect. But after two days struggling I won’t go over it again.
Then resizing the photo’s to fit the exercise space.

Did I succeed?
That’s up to you to decide.

Did I notice some details on the object?
Yes, there were a few paint stains on the pot. I removed those before taking the pictures.


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  1. King Billy zegt:

    Nu nog even sudderen alvorens een serieuze reaktie achter te laten. Eerste, spontane gedachte was dat de pannenlappen ontbreken.

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